An Overview


The purpose of these pages is to give a brief overview of the history of All Saints Church ... 

  • You'll find there is a lot here to whet your appetite. 
  • We hope you will pay us a visit and see for yourself.  
  • Bring your camera - we have no objection to photographs being taken  (other than during services, of course).
  • A copy of our short, illustrated guide to this fascinating and beautiful building, can be found at the back of the church price (£1).
  • Or a copy can be posted to you for (£1) plus postage.  
  • There is also a more comprehensive history available at the bargain price of £5 plus postage.  (These are usually printed to order.)   
  • Read on - and enjoy !

A Guide to our Church
Webpage icon Edward Bright - the 'Fat Man of Maldon'
Webpage icon Edward Russell Horwood - Vicar for a record breaking 51 years
Webpage icon Our Church
Webpage icon Our Parish Logo - What can you see in it?
Webpage icon Past Vicars of All Saints
Webpage icon The Organ
Webpage icon The Parish
Webpage icon The Vicarage
Webpage icon The Washington Window - a beautiful gift from the U.S.A.
Webpage icon Thomas Cammock - a man with "a touch of swagger"
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