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The cross is supreme over everything, reminding us of the sovereignty of Christ and that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He has saved us all by his death on the cross and all people must look to him to be saved. We are reminded of our enormous task to share His good news with others and never to rest until those around us know and love Him.

The circle reminds us of this world-wide task we have. It is the round world the Church must win for Christ. Every Christian must take their part in loving and serving others through their daily work and their free time. The world will accept only a Church that serves. We have no rights, only duties.

The circle stands for a halo as well, reminding us that we are to be 'saints'. Not the plaster, fragile sort but ordinary folk dedicated to God's service in today's world. We are very conscious of our limitations and so we strive to be better Christians by worshipping more regularly, praying and studying our faith. This is all part of practical holiness which the halo suggests.

Hidden away within the circle is a fish. The fish was a symbol of the early Church in days of persecution when the cross was a dangerous sign to show. The Greek initials of "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour" make up the Greek word "fish". We use it to show that we are not alone in being 'saints' but part of God's great family - the Christian Church - here in Maldon and in the world.

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