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It is quite unlikely that you have never heard of Traidcraft but, just in case, here is some information which may be helpful to you.   Please visit this page regularly to find out what our Traidcraft stall is doing at All Saints' Church under the management of Adrienne and Richard Knight and their willing helpers.   Visit the other pages here to see the latest price list and some information about Traidcraft's policy.


  • Every Sunday after the 10 a.m. service we open a Traidcraft stall selling all manner of foods:  from the basics like tea, coffee, sugar, rice and pasta, to the treats, such as chocoolate, sweets, biscuits and shortbread.
  • We run a Traidcraft stall at many other church events such as the Victorian Evenings, the summer fete or the church open days.
  • We have catalogues available from which people can order any of the other products from Traidcraft through us:  gifts, clothing, jewellery, homewares and much more.
  • Our church uses many Traidcraft products, for example the tea, coffee and sugar for refreshments after church or at our monthly coffee mornings.   We even have Traidcraft toilet paper!

The 2010 Fairtrade Fortnight  just after Ash Wednesday featured 'the Big Swap'.   The main focus was on the tea industry.   Traidcraft began sourcing fair trade tea three decades ago.   Today they are still working hard to spread the benefits to more and more tea pickers and growers.   Fairtrade is the only system that guarantees tea producers a minimum price for their tea and pays an extra premium for famers and workers to invest in their communities.

But only 10% of tea sold in the UK is Fairtrade.

Please swap your tea and make the difference.


Don't forget ... all tea and coffee served in All Saints (after services or at coffee mornings or other events) is fairly traded.

Do you make New Year Resolutions?   If so, why not resolve in 2011 to make more use of our Traidcraft stall?   Not all resolutions are made to be broken - you know it makes sense!


Prayer in a Teacup

A Nice Cup of Tea!

How I relish its versatility.

The way it restores and revives me in the morning,

calms and comforts me as I prepare for bed,

shared so easily with friends, consolingly familiar when I'm alone,

its warmth a constant blessing.

And I take it all for granted, forgetting the miracle of growth and harvest,

the painstaking labour that brings it to my cup,

the way this everyday drink connects me to people all around the world.

As I add water to my tea

to release all its goodness, all its potential,

so I pray for the splash of your living water in my life, Lord,

releasing all I have to offer in your name.

As I drink my tea, sweetened with your love,

bless all those for whom it is a livelihood,

and stir up in me your thirst for justice.


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